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Rae-Ann Thomas was raised in Massachusetts and began dancing at a young age. She is a graduate from Dean College receiving a Bachelorette of Arts degree in Dance and an Associates degree in Business.  Directly after college she moved to New York; where she has lived for 5 years. Rae-Ann is teaching and setting choreography at various studios throughout the east coast. She judges for competitions all over the country and even internationally. While hustling in New York City Rae-Ann has gained knowledge about the dance industry through her consistent training in diverse styles. Rae-Ann has performed for choreographers such as Mike Esperanza, Teddy Tedholm, Bonnie O’Rourke, Ellie Sanna, Bryn Cohen, Chris Hale, Calen Kurka, Kristin Sudekis, Hannah Frederick, Rachel Hettinger, Sarah Richman and is a member of TedTed Performance Company, under the direction of Teddy Tedholm. Rae-Ann has presented work at showcases  such as HATCH: presenting series, Pushing Progress, The Young Choreographers Festival, and Sans Limits Dance Series. Rae-Ann has also set work as an alumni for the Dean College Dance Department for many shows. Rae-Ann was apart of a winter residency at Salve Regina University teaching master classes as well as setting work for their spring concert. Rae-Ann has participated in the Gypsy Project LA a vigor improvisational base training program in Los Angeles in 2017. Rae-Ann was one of 23 dancers working along side rebounded named dancers and choreographer in the dance industry such as, Tilman O’Donnell, David Harvey, Medhi Walerski, Meg Lawson, Tom Weinberger, Lisette Bustamante, Jillian Meyers, Staci Flood-popp, and under the direction of Erica Sobol founder and creator of the Gypsy Project LA and Lobos art collective. Rae-Ann is a bright and optimistic person who brings positive energy into her work. Her taste for lightness, and comedic accents make her work relatable and unique. She hopes to inspire and motivate all humans with her distinct movement style.

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