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Franki is a native Canadian who moved to Los Angeles at the age of 18, not before she had accomplished so much at home.  She began dancing and singing at the age of 9, training in all styles of dance: jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, theatre dance and musical theatre.  She toured with her dance company performing throughout all the Canadian provinces throughout 2007.


Since then she moved to Los Angeles and attended the Conservatory of Musical Theatre at AMDA, The American Musical and Dramatic Academy.  Her talent and work was recognized during her time at AMDA and she was hand picked as the Student Choreographer.  Selected works that she choreographed were chosen and featured in the bi-annual showcases at AMDA.


Franki takes leadership roles and paves the path for others to follow.  The Director and lead Choreographer for “No Refunds Musical” in LA from 2017-2018, creating a short musical film.  Wearing many hats she was the emcee, host and guest choreographer at Shine Dance Festival, a dance competition, in Vancouver.  Franki has taught dance to kids with Down syndrome and autism in Vancouver during her senior year of high school.  She later went on to create a dance program specifically to train youth with special needs on how to move and feel good in their bodies.


The founder and creator of Floro Choreo, a dance movement aimed to empower all walks of life in order to express themselves in the most freeing way possible: movement!  She has a strong following of students throughout the Los Angeles region for whom she creates and delivers challenging and innovative choreography every week.


Franki is constantly looking for ways to empower others through dance.  Setting her sights on working more closely with today’s youth she is excited about expanding her reach throughout the United States.

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