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reggie oliver

Reggie. O  is a Dancer, Choreographer, and Teacher from Pennsylvania Who has experienced many areas of the entertainment and performance industry! From the stage to the Television set and even Catalogs and Magazines Reggie holds an extensive amount of credentials and experience. A few of Reggie’s credits include but aren’t limited to dancing for Toni Braxton, Macklemore, Keke Palmer, Pitbull, Ozuna, and  The Weeknd at his Super Bowl Halftime Show performance! Reggie has also danced on and been featured in a host of Award shows and music videos on Networks such as Nickelodeon, BET, VH1, and MTV just to name a few. In addition Reggie.O has also been featured in and has choreographed commercials and Promotional ads for products and companies such as Boost Mobile, Samsung, Costume Gallery Dance Catalog and Dance Apparel as well as Pastry Sneakers! It is Reggie’s Hope to one day be a Positive and Influential Staple In The Pennsylvania Dance Community and history! Reggie believes that hard work will gain you access to anything you want in this world and with his all of his experiences and many more to come there is no doubt that Reggie.O will become the influencer that he aspires to be!

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