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Canyon Carballosa currently works as a professional dancer, national award winning choreographer, competitive judge, and YPAD educated teacher. They received their training in New York City, where they attended the Broadway Dance Center Professional Program with a focus in contemporary and hip hop. Canyon has filmed with Dua Lipa, Stella Artois, Dance Moms, Grammy-nominated artist Kai, Showtime, and Starz TV. They have been a principal dancer with innovative contemporary companies, CATASTROPHE! and Elle Vie Dance. 


Canyon believes dance is the ultimate way to connect mind, body, and spirit. They have spent years collecting tools for healing traumas, breaking through personal walls, and rediscovering a genuine love for one’s most authentic self. Canyon’s class offers a safe space to explore in new ways, ask questions without judgement, and choose to commit to yourself. Canyon believes that honesty is the purest form of artistry and encourages their students to bring their real life experiences on to the dance floor.

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